Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a night where dysfunction and dance met. Where those addicted to rocking out could get their fix. Where everything goes and nothing would ever be the same since....

That 'galaxy' was Cloth and Clef and that night was Crescendolls and its back and ready for action - This time we've moved to Pallette Pallette.

To commemorate this resurrection, we PROUDLY present DD Chiptunes. Best known for his 8bit music with a touch of classic punk using DMG 06, LSDJ.

Do you fancy a bit of 8bit and miss your old school GAME BOY and the soundtracks that came with it?
You can check out his stuff here:

As well, Mixing in Action, Foulworks and Hackeem Elektrischer are hitting the decks with their most recent/fresh sounds!!

DD Chiptune - 10-11PM
Hackeem Elektrischer - 11PM-12:30AM
Mixing in Action (MIA) - 12:30AM-01:30AM
Foulworks - 01:30AM till over!!

The event start at 10PM! COME EARLY!