Monday, November 1, 2010

Are you ready boys & girls ???!

A collaboration night by MIXING IN ACTION (MIA ) & LICKMDUTCH ( LMD )
THE FIRST EVER , Glow In The Dark aka Blacklight UV Party is in town!
Time to get glowy with the hype people in town, rockin beats with a throbbing dancefloor, cheap drinks, and an incredible, let loose party vibe make it We've got the glow!

You'll be hearing from these familiar glowy rockers!

Mixing In Action , Stormtroopers , Dj Biggie & DJ Epong !

We shall splash you with UV Paints! Prepare yourself to be glooowy in style!

Complimentary glowing sunglasses & glowsticks will be provided upon entry.Goodies! Goodies ! Goodies!

:: Standard door charge of RM35 inclusive 1 Drink .

:: Guestlist closes at 12:00AM.

:: There's 2 way to get special guestlist, all u gotta do is...
Send an e-mail to " " or just spam the wall.

:: The best yet, FREE ENTRY FOR THE LADIES!!


1. Long Island Ice tea RM 60/ Jug & 2 jugs RM 100 nett

2. House pouring Jug RM 50/ Jug

3. Tiger Draught RM 75 1 for 1 All night long

4. Smirnoff Red RM 300 nett / bottle

5. Black Label RM 350 nett.

*tequila shots going for rm10 will be announced from time to time throughout the night.

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